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Rabies Vaccination

Rabies Vaccinations

(A) All canines and felines, four months of age and older, shall be vaccinated for rabies and revaccinated for rabies at the expiration of the immunization period as certified by a veterinarian.

(B) Any canine or feline reclaimed or adopted from the animal shelter must have a valid rabies vaccination.

(C) Upon reclaiming an animal impounded at the animal shelter the owner shall show proof of a valid rabies vaccination. If proof of the vaccination can not be provided, the owner shall purchase a vaccination voucher from the animal shelter. The voucher shall be valid for ten days from the date of issuance and shall be used in the prescribed time period. The animal shelter shall reimburse the veterinarian for the amount of the voucher upon presentation to the shelter by the administering veterinarian as established by KRS 258.215.

(Ord. passed 6-16-2015) Penalty, see § 90.99